Phytochemicals: Up and Coming SUPER-NUTRIENTS?

I quickly mentioned phytochemicals in my post about pesticides. If you haven’t read it, click here, it’s a good one.

What are phytochemicals? 

Phytochemicals are organic substances made exclusively by plants (fruits, vegetables, cereal foods, nuts & grains…). Their existence has been known for a few years now, but their functions or their benefits to human health are more or less known, considering there have been over 1000 of these substances discovered, some of which don’t even have names yet. However, they are essential for the growth of plants, acting as a defence mechanism against pests and harmful micro-organisms. Some of them give color, flavour and even scent to the plants that produce them.

However, not all phytochemicals are good for you. Certain types like phytates, oxalates and lectines, have certain downsides. 

 What are the main phytochemicals you should know about?

I’ve compiled a summary of the four main families of phytochemicals, what foods you find them in, and what they do for plants, as well as for humans. If you’re looking for a more in dept and detailed article, suggest it and I’ll definitely share one 🙂 Enjoy!

Phytochemical Table PDF

Hope you learned something new today! 🙂

M ♡


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